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Full project list and references on demand. [more...]



Applied Research

Applied ResearchStudies of Ansgar Halbfas from 1996 to 1998. [more...]

Research and Teaching, 1996-1998



Exhibition Baukunst Essen

Exhibition Baukunst EssenExhibition during the festival "1150 Jahre Stift und Stadt Essen". Conceived and curated by the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) and Folkwang Stiftung Essen. Gallery: Obrist, Essen. [more...]

Publication, 2002



Exhibition Kunsthalle Kornwestheim

Exhibition Kunsthalle KornwestheimExhibition of Organic Future, Growing Chair, at the Kunsthalle Kornwestheim. Group exhibition "Aggregate". [more...]

Publication, 2001



DS Organic Future 01

DS Organic Future 01"Organic Future" at the Art Foundation Schwenk. GreenBox, growing Chair, Mobility in Organic Future, Organic Future Films and others. Cooperations with Kotons, Projekttriangle and others at Designers Saturday Stuttgart, Germany. Images only. [more...]

Publication, 2001



DS Organic Future 02

DS Organic Future 02"Organic Future /Melanom City" at the 6-Wall-CAVE* with hybrid personal immersion in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. [more...]

Publication, 2002



LABS Studio Public Research & Development Study

LABS Studio Public Research & Development StudyDevelopment, providing and services of an internet project platform, scientific advice and consulting for international study project "LABS studio" of University of Stuttgart /TU Berlin /Sciarc Los Angeles. [more...]

Research and Teaching, 1999-2000



Fair Stand EPSON CeBit Hannover, Germany

Fair Stand EPSON CeBit Hannover, GermanyPrototyping: The concept and planning are result of a fully digitally mentored process. [more...]

Architecture, 1998-2004



Fair Stand IFEX Gründerparcours

Fair Stand IFEX GründerparcoursThe Gründerparcours is designed to animate potentials in designing own business strategies and realize them. IFEX provides in depth information and consulting for two days at the fair "Economy meets Science". [more...]

Architecture, 1999



Fair Stand Mannesmann Tubes

Fair Stand Mannesmann TubesWinner in the international student competition (D/A/CH) of Mannesmann Rohr. [more...]

Architecture, 1996-1997



Fair Stand German Television VIVA and VIVA ZWEI Popkomm

Fair Stand German Television VIVA and VIVA ZWEI PopkommCompetition of VIVA Medien AG, a german TV corporation, for the trade fair "Popkomm 2000", Cologne, Germany. 1. Prize, unrealized. [more...]

Architecture, 2000



Organic Future

Organic FutureOrganic Future describes the future of growth. Numerous films, education concepts and research. [more...]

Publication, 1998-2002



Platform Kleiner Schlossplatz Stuttgart

Platform Kleiner Schlossplatz StuttgartIPP, Merz-Akademie, Gallery Hammelehle und Ahrens, Pauls Boutique a.o. reactivate the city centre of Stuttgart, called Kleiner Schlossplatz Stuttgart. [more...]

Architecture, 2001-2002



Leisure Pool

Leisure Pool [more...]

Architecture, 2002

Porsche Targa /4S Presentation Porsche Zuffenhausen

Porsche Targa /4S Presentation Porsche ZuffenhausenPresentation of the new Porsche Targa and Porsche 4S at Porsche Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany. [more...]

Architecture, 2001



Project Design Haus Windstosser

Project Design Haus WindstosserProjektentwicklung gemeinsam mit Architekt Prof. Max Bächer, Gartenarchitekt Hans Luz, Denkmalamt Stuttgart u.a. /Planung eines Erweiterungsbaus /Lehre. [more...]

Architecture, 1999-2002



Seminar at Merz Academy

Seminar at Merz AcademySeminar at Merz Academy, university of applied arts. Nature Touching, Sensitive Tubes, Part of the Organic Future cycle. [more...]

Research and Teaching, 2001



Seminar at University of Stuttgart

Seminar at University of StuttgartSeminar about Organic Future at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. [more...]

Research and Teaching, 2001



Sichtwelt [shikai] Book about Japan

Sichtwelt [shikai] Book about JapanThere are different ways of approaching a travel destination. This Book schould be used in the same straight forward manner in which it was produced: as a declaration of love to japan, as a photo album, a souvenir shop, a source of information, a book to read... [more...]

Publication, 1998



Exhibition IT Fair Development

Exhibition IT Fair DevelopmentThe development of a fair representation of an international IT firm. [more...]

Publication, 1999



Switch /Targis Lamp

Switch /Targis LampConcept and Design of a lighting series. Prototyping, conception and preproduction. The lamp is available at Bruck Lighting Systems: Trade name TARGIS. [more...]

Design, 1996



Toolbox Town Planning

Toolbox Town PlanningTown planning seminar together with Constantin Boytscheff and Thomas Geissler during research for the virtual university. All student works were presented in the internet and partially examined at the CUBE (cave automated virtual environment) of the high performance computing center Stuttgart. [more...]

Research and Teaching, 1996-1998



Virtual TV-Tower Stuttgart

Virtual TV-Tower StuttgartConcept for the SWR, a german radio and television company, about the further use of the internet domain "". [more...]

Architecture, 1998



Virtual Showroom

Virtual ShowroomConcept and prototype for Desso DLW about the presentation of new products in virtual environments. [more...]

Computer Concept, 2001




Visualizations [more...]

Design, 1998-2002



Competition German State Central Bank Berlin

Competition German State Central Bank BerlinCollaboration with the architecture office Günter Hermann, Stuttgart, Germany, for the new building of the State Central Bank Berlin Brandenburg. Design and Layout of the competition plans, 3D visualizations. [more...]

Architecture, 1997



Competition Executive Suite Public Bank Mosbach

Competition Executive Suite Public Bank MosbachDer Entwurf für die Vorstandsetage der Volksbank Mosbach integriert Faktoren, die das Wohlbefinden (Luft, Licht, Oberflächen) steigern, mit hochentwickelter und weitgehend in den Hintergrund gerückter Technik. [more...]

Architecture, 2000