DS Organic Future 02, 2002

"Organic Future /Melanom City" at the 6-Wall-CAVE* with hybrid personal immersion in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.

Fraunhofer IAO CAVE*Fraunhofer IAO CAVE*
Fraunhofer IAO CAVE*

*Cave Automated Virtual Environment
Interaction room which translucent walls, ground and ceiling are used for rear-projection that provides users with shutter-glasses, position radio and 3D-mouse interaction inside immersive 3D. (First CAVE introduced by Cruz-Neira, De-Fanti and Sandin, University of Illinois in Chicago, SIGGRAPH 1992. here: 6-Wall-CAVE HyPI-6: provides worldwide first both active stereo projection as well as passive stereo projection mode.)

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IPP (Halbfas, Scholz) and IAO (Blach, Wenzel) 2001/2002.

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Fraunhofer IAO CAVE*