LABS Studio Public Research & Development Study, 1999-2000

Development, providing and services of an internet project platform, scientific advice and consulting for international study project "LABS studio" of University of Stuttgart /TU Berlin /Sciarc Los Angeles.


LABS Logo and part from User EducationLABS Logo and part from User Education
LABS Logo and part from User Education

Identity /Branding

LABS-studio aims at investigating the phenomana of identity in cities and regions through an international cooperation of universities from Stuttgart, Berlin and LA.

Contrasts and Gemeinsamkeiten of these three cities form the framework in which the questions of urban identity - what triggers its presence and what does it perform - will be answered.

In the rising age of urban conditions cities are more and more corporate bodies and marketed globally. Competitions and opportunities for collaboration without historic reference become reality. Succes and defeat of cities and regions will be discussed merely on the basis of imi- and emigration. The city of Los Aneles sees itself as a urban conglomarat with growing numbers of inhabitants year after year. On the other hand many central european cities like Stuttgart are loosing inhabitants continously since 5 or 10 years.
Many countries, like Germany, Italy and France will be forced to conceptualice active imigration policy just to level the predicted 18% decrease of inhabitants until 2050 and ist economical effects.
Visions for uban devellopment have to embrance new and most diversified lifestyles, new public programs and modern concepts for urban activities as well as their coummunication to the outside.Terrain vague pairs with relevance

The students utilize all possibilies of CAD and communicate via digital media in the www. The custom made homepage enables the students and councelors to acces and review all work in progress. All further information on LABS-studio its partners, timing and links is to be found there too. A workshop with participants of all three universities in LA is between June 2 and 14.

In order to avoid the quite common disfuncional and uneconomic use of digital media LABS-studio is organized and coordinated interdisciplinary adressing all risks involved. LABS-studio student projects realised in relatively short working time shall be a good example of Studienzeitverkürzung. The resulting informations will be evaluated, documented and directly reinvested in mechanism for optimization of workconditions and results. Between May and October 2000 results will be released as work in progress. In December 2000 all projects, lectures and conclusions will be published as CD and book.


We provide support and archives for this project. Detailed documents are available on request.